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    • Apology


      FLORAL FAMILY - Floral Green Here is a fragrance that brings happiness and joy by its sensual and tender composition  
    • Armateur

      WOODY FAMILY - Woody Aquatic An fragrance for men seeking freedom
    • Aviator Black Leather

      Aviator Black Leather

      WOODY FAMILY - Woody Oriental An intense fragrance that captivates freshness, dedicated to the elegant and busy man.
    • Aviator Chevalet Format Carre

      Aviator Chevalet Format Carre

      FOUGERE FAMILY - Fougere Aromatic A long lasting, energetic and sophisticated fragrance. The very essence of masculinity
    • Chess Black

      Chess Black

      Fougere Woody - Woody Aquatic. An elegant signature for a mysterious fragrance.
    • Chess Blue

      Chess Blue

      WOODY FAMILY - Woody Floral Charismatic fragrance with a timeless refinement  
    • Chess Red

      Chess Red

      FOUGERE FAMILY - Fougere Aromatic An attractive fragrance stamped with elegance, a bridge between classicism and modernity
    • Chess Sport

      Chess Sport

      FOUGERE FAMILY - Fougere Aromatic A fresh fragrance for an elegant man in search of thrilling experiences
    • Chronometer


      WOODY FAMILY - Woody Floral Elegance of a perfume which combines freshness and refinement
    • Club-401

      Club 401

      FOUGERE FAMILY - Fougere Aromatic Club 401 is a deep and captivating perfume, charmingly disturbing, a mixture of freshness and sensuality

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