Black Touch Man Bottle

Black Touch Man Bottle

Elegant and mysterious, subtle and radiant, the bottle and packaging invite us into an irrepressibly masculine and virile world. The hard lines that define them remain simple and discrete but dominant and powerful nevertheless. The whole expresses a harmony full of contrast that appeals to our visual and creative senses. Black touch charms with its charisma and allure; a velvet heart in a steel bottle.


A clear and limpid perfume, with a bold and sparkling personality. Like the bottle, the top note has a powerful and masculine impact, understated and glorious, steering us in new and mysterious olfactive directions. The heart of the fragrance is noble and distinguished, swift and proud; the orchestration of the notes made even more sublime by the intrusion of barely discernible new essences. Gourmand and sophisticated, tender and homogenous, the base note provides a perfectly balanced, generous and alluring whole.


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