Frank Olivier for Woman
Frank Olivier for Woman Perfume

Frank Olivier for Woman

A complete line with very suggestive forms. An uncommon look to the packaging, sober on the exterior, but with brilliant colors on the inside. Just as sculpted stone, this monolith bottle becomes a precious and authentic collector’s piece. Counters and window displays are also available, innew-look contours and contemporary lines to entice.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Peach, Cassis, Plum

Heart Notes: Jasmin, Rose, Ylang, Heliotrope

End Notes: Sandal, Vanilla, White Musks


In celebration of his thirtieth anniversary, designer Franck Olivier wishes to invite women by creating a full captivating womans fragrance. It is the finishing touch to pay homage to his inspiration : the beauty of a woman. From within the world of scent, a perfume is born, signed Franck Olivier. Endowed with a magical power, Franck Olivier perfume enchants and seduces, bringing to life once again the aroma of a forbidden fruit. The secret? it is the pure essence of a woman.


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