Frank Olivier Nature Women
Frank Olivier Nature Women

Nature Women

This is the awakening of nature at its most glorious, the sun rising over everything that surrounds us that we love. The bottle delicately adorned with a light and sylphlike butterfly steers us towards the discovery of a sophisticated and harmonious whole with a softness and tenderness in its shape that blows us away. The bottle and packaging with its understated and minimalist presence of luminous — yet very alluring — motifs demonstrates just how beautiful and mysterious nature really is.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Vineyard Peach, Tagete, Lychee

Heart Notes: Wild Jasmine, Lilac, Green Apple, Cinnamon

End Notes: Cedarwood, Sandal Wood, White Mask


An extraordinarily rich and intriguingly fruity floral. The fragrance accompanies and guides the wearer throughout the day, slowly revealing a rich and complex composition based on lemon, litchi and mango. This fabulous floral bouquet reveals a heart that has a beauty and sensuality that is hard to beat, with wild jasmine and green apple setting the tone for a delicate fruit composition with warmer bottom notes of Cedar and Musk.


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